LA Superior Court Fast-Tracks DDA Assn. Suit

The Los Angeles Superior Court wasted no time moving forward on the suit by the Association of Deputy District Attorneys (ADDA) regarding the new DAs blanket ban on sentence enhancements. See this post.

The court ordered DA Gascón to file his opposition by January 15 and the deputies to file their reply by January 26. The hearing is set for Groundhog Day at 1:30 pm.

In light of the swift schedule, the ADDA withdrew the request for a temporary restraining order (TRO) that it had filed earlier. A TRO is an order granting immediate relief without the other party having a meaningful opportunity to respond. It is a drastic action for true emergencies, and one that courts grant too often, in my opinion. Withdrawing the request was prudent.

The court’s action should dispel any notion that this is a frivolous suit. Clearly the court is taking it seriously, and superior court judges have more expertise in these matters than the academics dubbed “experts” in the media.