Another Violent Felon Released from Prison Early to Commit More Crimes

The Sacramento Bee has this story on Alberto Quiroz, who was sentenced to ten years in state prison for the events in the 2017 death of CHP Officer Lucas Chellew who died as a result of injuries sustained in a high-speed chase with Quiroz through South Sacramento.  Quiroz had 5 previous failures to appear on unrelated charges and previous cases. He was arrested on May 5th for assaulting one of his family members with a semi-automatic weapon. So the question is, why was he released less than three and a half years into this sentence?? Below is the answer offered by corrections spokeswoman, Dana Simas. 

He was awarded 676 days of pre-sentence credits by the judge in the case for time spent in jail while awaiting adjudication, as well as 26 days of post-sentencing credits while awaiting transfer to prison. He was eligible for 66.6% credit-earning, which is two days for every one day served while incarcerated, per statute.

California law clearly does not take into consideration the safety of the residents who will be effected by the early release of convicted offenders like Quiroz. This type of credit should be carefully considered for offenders who are not a risk to the community upon release and who do not have convictions of violent felonies, especially in their recent history. The community lost an honorable officer and reattained a violent man.  This does not exemplify justice for the victim, his family, or the law abiding public.