In One Month, Bill Barr Does Fifty Years’ Worth of Justice

Jeff Sessions is a man of honor and did a superb job restoring a sober, effective and non-politicized Justice Department.  But Attorney General Bill Barr leaves nothing to be desired.  As this AP story notes:

With the execution [today] of Lezmond Mitchell for the grisly slayings of a 9-year-old and her grandmother, the federal government under the pro-death penalty president has now carried out more executions in 2020 than it had in the previous 56 years combined.

Lest there be any doubt about the justice of this execution, the details of the killing should lay that to rest.

The story continues:

Mitchell, 38, expressed no remorse during the public portion of the execution. Asked by a prison official if he had any last words for victims’ family members and other witnesses behind glass at the death chamber, Mitchell casually responded, “No, I’m good….”

Mitchell, then 20, and an accomplice were convicted of killing Tiffany Lee and 63-year-old Alyce Slim after the grandmother offered them a lift as they hitchhiked on the Arizona portion of the Navajo Nation in 2001. They stabbed Slim 33 times, slit Tiffany’s throat and stoned her to death. They later mutilated both bodies.

Mutilating the body of a little girl you just stoned to death is a nice touch.

Tiffany Lee’s older brother and her father thanked Trump for moving forward with the execution and have criticized the opposition by the Navajo Nation president.

“He will have to answer to God why he wanted this murderer to live,” the brother, Donel Lee, told The Associated Press. “But now I’m at peace with it and justice is served. Now he (Mitchell) has to answer to God, and I hope my little sister was standing there with God while he judged him.”

Tiffany’s father, Daniel Lee, who witnessed the execution, stood in tears shortly after Mitchell died and said in a statement that it had brought him some closure. Lee, who also wore a Trump campaign hat, thanked the president his “pursuit of justice for Tiffany.”