Criminal Arrested for Stabbing After Multiple Pandemic Releases

A San Diego man arrested and released at least five times in recent weeks is now being held in jail for attempted murder.  David Hernandez of the San Diego Tribune reports that Timothy Alvarado was arrested for attempted murder for a stabbing attack on a homeless man. In early April, Alvarado was released from jail after a burglary conviction, just days before the state announced a $0 bail policy for nonviolent felons to protect jails from the coronavirus. A month later Alvarado led police on an high-speed chase after stealing a minivan from a car lot. He was arrested, cited, and released. Two days later Alvarado was arrested in a stolen Jaguar, before being cited and released.  The following week he was arrested, cited, and released for stealing a Mitsubishi. Four days later he was arrested for stealing the same Mitsubishi and, of course, cited and released. Last Saturday, an officer heard a man screaming and saw Alvarado running from the victim. The victim was hospitalized with serious injuries, and Alvarado was arrested. Under current California law, a criminal can be arrested and released for multiple felonies until he hurts or kills someone.