Buying A District Attorney

For the last three election cycles, ultra liberal hedge fund billionaire George Soros has been bankrolling the campaigns of district attorneys across America.  In 2016 he financed progressive, pro-criminal Kim Foxx’s election to Cook County State’s Attorney, the top prosecutor in Chicago.  Two years later his Illinois for Safety and Justice group underwrote  Larry  Krasner’s takeover of the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office.  Crime in both cities has skyrocketed.  As reported by Katie Grimes in the California Globe, this summer Soros dropped $2.5 million into the Los Angeles District Attorney’s race to put an anti-law enforcement progressive in  Office.  The candidate, former San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon, presided over that city’s transformation into an open air sewer, with thousands of drug-addicted homeless sleeping and going to the bathroom on the streets.

During Gascon’s tenure crime in the city by the bay increased, particularly murder, and it has become the property crime capitol of America.  Gascon’s Los Angeles campaign targets the incumbent, African-American career prosecutor Jackie Lacy.  Gascon, who was born in Cuba, is supported by Black Lives Matter, Bernie Sanders, Gavin Newsom and Kamala Harris.  All anyone needs to know about any of these politicians is that public safety and the rule of law do not matter to them.