Police Across U.S. Prepare for Post Election Riots

As the national election nears, police in cities across the country are preparing for the possibility of rioting and violence.  Mark Berman of the Washington Post reports that “with the anxiety and toxicity across the country” many fear that the election could give way to potential violence.   The article cites police officials in Las Vegas, Chicago, New York,  Madison, Wis., Phoenix, Portland, Los Angeles, D.C., Charlotte, and Miami-Dade which are ramping up for violence following next Tuesday’s vote.   Business owners in many cities are boarding up their store fronts in anticipation of a continuation of the earlier rioting following the death of George Floyd, by groups angry with the outcome of the election.

The question needs to be asked; which disgruntled people would we expect to hit the streets and riot if the election results go against their side?  The answer is beyond simple…the same groups which have been rioting since last June.   Other than as an excuse, George Floyd’s death had little to do with the violence and property destruction that has become commonplace over the past five months.  Downtown Portland was not taken over by protesters seeking racial justice.  It was taken over by anarchists committed to tearing down the government and the shared values that have held America together.  The rioters and looters that have destroyed parts of  New York, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Portland and Seattle were attacking the police, store owners and innocent people to frighten and intimidate the public.  It worked.  The nasty fact is that Black Lives Matter, Antifa are well-funded anarchist groups that will very likely join the same activists that protested President Trump’s election in 2016, to spur new riots if the President is reelected.

While most Republicans were strongly opposed to the election of Barrack Obama in 2008, and even more strongly opposed to his reelection in 2012, right wing groups funded by billionaires did not take to the streets after election day to express their hatred of the President and those who voted for him.  When the Tea Party movement came about during the Obama years, they did not attack the police, and roam downtown breaking windows and setting buildings on fire.  They held their rallies and cleaned up after themselves when they left.

The police are not preparing for groups like the the Proud Boys armed with bricks and Molotov cocktails to launch coordinated riots in multiple cities across the country on November 4th.  They are preparing for those who have already demonstrated that the extent of their hatred against America and anyone or anything that they disagree with includes attacking people’s homes, burning our cities, monuments and churches and committing murder and assault.