And Now for Something a Little Different

From (and confirmed by other sources):

A motorcade thief stole a woman’s car in Oregon, US, but halfway through the drive discovered a baby boy couched in the backseat. In a twist of fate, the suspect drove back due to moral consc[ience] to return the child to the mother, and also to lecture her for leaving her baby unattended. In a statement released by the Beaverton police, the car was stolen on Saturday outside Basics Meat Market. But the thief returned to the spot, chided the woman about forgetting the baby, and ordered her to get the child out of the car before driving off again.

The story continues (emphasis added):

Beaverton Police Spokesman Officer Matt Henderson told CNN that a store employee alerted the mother when the carjacker stole the woman’s vehicle and drove off. The woman had meanwhile rushed out of the store and waited in desperation, having left her baby inside the car. But the thief returned and threatened to call the police on ‘careless’ mom. After lecturing the woman for leaving the baby unattended, the thief hopped back in the car and drove away frustrated.

Let it not be said that the value of proactive policing goes unrecognized.