Sacramento DA to Run For CA Attorney General

Career prosecutor and twice elected Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert announced her candidacy for California Attorney General Monday (April 26).  Schubert, who as a Deputy formed the first cold case unit and served as its first prosecutor, pioneered DNA investigations which lead to the arrest and her office’s conviction of the Golden State Killer, who raped dozens of women and murdered at least thirteen across California roughly forty years ago.  A self-described tough-on-crime prosecutor, Schubert contrasted herself with newly appointed Attorney General Rob Bonta, a progressive former Assemblyman who has supported multiple pro-criminal measures which have flooded California communities with habitual criminals.

Characterizing California’s criminal justice system as “in chaos,”  she noted that “When the L.A. district attorney, who is supported by the newly appointed attorney general, has to be sued by his own prosecutors to enforce the law against violent criminals, that is chaos.”   Schubert is expected to have the support of virtually all of the state’s major law enforcement organizations and victim’s groups.

She became the target of attacks by Black Lives Matter (BLM) in 2018, after declining to prosecute two Sacramento police officers for the fatal shooting of Stephan Clark, a black repeat offender on probation.  The officers were responding to a 911 call reporting that a thin black man wearing dark pants and a hoodie was breaking car windows.  When a police helicopter directed responding officers to a suspect answering that description observed breaking a car window with a tool bar, the officers spotted Clark in front of a house an ordered him to stop and show his hands.  Clark ran into the back yard with the officers in pursuit, repeatedly ordering him to stop.  Clark then abruptly turned facing the officers with something shiny in his hand and they opened fire.  The shiny object turned out to be a cell phone.

As Schubert’s office investigated the shooting, BLM protests flooded downtown Sacramento for several days, blocking major streets around the state capital, the business district and the District Attorneys office.  As the investigation began, the national news featured civil rights activists criticizing Schubert’s failure to immediately file charges against the officers.  In response, liberal democrat attorney general Xavier Becerra noisley announced that his office would open a parallel investigation into the shooting.  Nearly a year later, Schubert held an hour-long televised press conference meticulously breaking down the circumstances surrounding the shooting and showing that there was no evidence supporting the prosecution of the officers.  Weeks later Becerra’s office announced that its separate investigation also failed to find any evidence that the officers had acted improperly.   BLM and other race hustlers have continued to criticize Schubert while ignoring Becerra.

Each of California’s last three Attorneys General; Jerry Brown, Kamala Harris and Xavier Becerra, have used that office to further their political careers while declining to enforce criminal laws they did not agree with and supporting ballot measures and legislation which has turned the state’s once-effective criminal justice system into a revolving door for even the most violent criminals.

“Because it’s who I am, I feel strongly that politics shouldn’t be part of the position.  I have some liberal views on some issues and some conservative views on others, but that shouldn’t play a role in this job. The state, in my opinion, is at a crossroads: What do we want our justice system to be? “

This story in the Sacramento Bee covers Schubert’s announcement.