The Benefits of Sanctuary States

Proponents of sanctuary city and state policies including non-political groups such as the Cato Institute have told us for years that prohibiting local police cooperation with federal  immigration authorities has no impact on crime.  But the question has to be asked, if local government policies prevent federal agents from deporting illegal aliens, including those being released from jail, do the crimes they commit actually have no effect on the crime rate?  I’m sorry but that does not make sense.   Josh Friedman if Cal Coast News reports that Mexican national Alfonso Alarcon-Nunez was sentenced to 50 years in prison for multiple rapes and burglaries he committed in 2017 and 2018 while working as an Uber driver in the seaside college town of San Luis Obispo.  Nunez had been previously deported, but slipped back across California’s border, got him self a state driver’s license and a job with Uber, where I’m sure they can’t ask applicants their immigration status.  He prayed mostly upon intoxicated college co-eds, raping at least five of them.   In 2018 SF Gate reported on the arrest of the “rideshare rapist,” illegal alien Lyft driver, Orlando Vilchez Lazo, for raping at least four women.  California is, of course, a sanctuary state.

Last week John Binder of  Breitbart reported on the arrest of three MS-13 gang members, all illegal aliens, for the machete-hacking murder of a 31-year-old mother in the neighborhood of Far Rockway, in the sanctuary state of New York.  The victim had a restraining order against her former boyfriend, another illegal alien MS-13 member.   This was probably a revenge killing.

Now, I have not checked with anyone at Cato, or any other sanctuary city/ state proponents, but all of these crimes, and the hundreds more committed by illegals annually, must certainly have an impact on the local crime rates.  These crimes most likely would not have occurred had the illegal aliens who committed them been caught at a secure border, or identified and deported by local law enforcement, the multiple government agencies providing them with services, or employers, before they raped and murdered innocent Americans.