President Biden’s Pitiful Response to Rising Crime

In a stumbling, bumbling speech yesterday,  President Joe Biden outlined his approach to the historic increases in violent crime across America.  As reported by the New York Times Biden said “Crime historically rises during the summer. And as we emerge from this pandemic, the country opening back up again, the traditional summer spike may be more pronounced than it usually would be. For folks at home, here’s what you need to know. I’ve been at this a long time and there are things we know that work to reduce gun violence and violent crime and things that we don’t know about. But things we know about: Background checks for purchasing a firearm are important; ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines; community policing and programs that keep neighborhoods safe and keep folks out of trouble. These efforts work. They save lives.”  Sorry Joe, but were not experiencing a “traditional summer spike” and the solutions you are proposing have never worked or saved any lives.

Shootings and homicides began to skyrocket last Spring, continued through Christmas are have been climbing through the Winter and Spring of 2021.  As Zachary Faria of the Washington Examiner notes, Biden “used his speech Wednesday to focus far less on crime than on regurgitating the same tired gun-control taking points that he and every other Democrat has trotted out for years.”

“There are a few problems here.  First, national gun sales do not correlate with a rising homicide rate.  For example, between 2009 and 2013, guns sales doubled while homicides and violent crime fell.”  He goes on, “If crime were the real issue, Biden would not  constantly be pushing for an “assault weapons” ban, when rifles of all types account for less than 4% of all gun homicides.  Biden doesn’t want to address the real issue at hand—his party’s nonchalant attitude toward crime.”

But as the President evades the crisis, some deep blue Democrat-run cities are beginning to face reality.  New York City, which under Mayor deBlasio’s soft-on-crime policies has turned into a 24-hour crime spree, appears to be about to elect retired NYPD Captain Eric Adams as Mayor.   Adams ran on a tough-on-crime platform.  Even Portland and Minneapolis, which have suffered huge crime surges, have abandoned their “defund the police” mantra and are refunding departments while begging officers who have retired or moved to other cities to return.   In response to dramatic increases in crime and violence, Los Angeles is currently gathering signatures to recall its just-elected progressive (read pro-criminal) District Attorney, who seems totally unaware that his edicts to reduce prosecutions and shorten sentences are enabling criminals .  With retailers pulling out of San Francisco and restaurants closing early due to out-of-control theft and violence, an effort to recall that city’s progressive District Attorney is also underway.   This has never happened before.

The President is obviously clueless.  America’s cities and states are going to have to tackle the crime problem by themselves.