Crime and Homelessness Driving Out San Francisco Residents

Mark Calvey of The San Francisco Business Times has this story discussing a survey of City residents measuring their overall concerns about their environment. The article states the following:

Amid sharply rising concerns about crime and quality-of-life issues, 44% of respondents to the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce’s annual CityBeat poll say they intend to leave the city in the next few years. The CityBeat survey found that homelessness and “street behavior” is a top concern for 65% of respondents, with crime and open-air drug-dealing a top concern for 46%. Longstanding problems facing San Francisco residents — housing affordability and cost of living — were far behind, cited as top concerns by 19% and 10%, respectively. 

The results of this poll speak volumes about the lack of confidence the average San Franciscan has in their city officials. The percentage of residents sharing enough concern about crime and drugs to actually make plans to move is a reflection of the policies of San Francisco District Attorney Chesea Boudin.  This article by The Appeal describes some of Boudin’s policies, including his refusal to enforce Step Act sentencing increases for gang affiliation, and other sentencing enhancements and decreasing the jail population by 25% in one year. With crime and homelessness out of control in San Francisco and no end in sight, its no wonder long time residents are ready to pack up.