Prosecutors Abandoning Woke DA’s Offices

A City Journal piece by former District Attorney and defense lawyer Tom Hogan, explains why veteran prosecutors have recently been leaving DA’s Offices in large numbers.  “Prosecutors are leaving the profession for several reasons, the first and most obvious being the new wave of progressives sweeping into office.”  Hogan notes that in St. Louis where Soros-bankrolled progressive Kim Gardner was elected in 2017,  turnover in her office exceeded 100% as her de-prosecution, no bail and short sentencing policies, along with her claims that the entire criminal justice system is racist, destroyed morale.  He also notes that pro-criminal laws passed by liberal state legislatures, which prevent prosecutors from taking criminals off the streets and bury them in new procedures, and the current political climate which presumes that prosecutors are racists, are also contributing to the exodus of experienced prosecutors.  “With violent crime surging in cities across the country,  there couldn’t be a worse time to lose them.”