As Violence Skyrockets, Soros Funds De-policing

There were nearly three times as many homicides in Washington, DC last month than there were deaths due to Covid-19, and as reported by Greg Norman of Fox News, some of the city’s government leaders think a change in priorities is in order.   “We’re in a pandemic right now when it comes to crime in this community and we got to start acting it,” City Councilman Trayon White told reporters, following the death of the six-year-old girl killed while riding her scooter in a shooting that also injured her mother and several others.  Ten people were shot at one incident in Queens New York over the weekend, while five people were shot on Bourbon Street, in  New Orleans Saturday night.  In Chicago, seven were killed and 48 were wounded over the weekend.

There is little question that this violence has been enabled by the progressive district attorneys and Mayors of these cities, who have for over a year called for defunding and dismantling their police departments, the blatant attacks on police during last year’s riots which continues today, and the wholesale criminal justice “reforms” cure “systemic racism” including zero bail, decrimilizing theft and drug crimes, and shortening sentences for serious felonies.  While the major media seem unable to connect these dots, experienced law enforcement professionals have been warning the public for years.  Charles Creitz of Fox News talked with Deon Joseph, a black 25-year veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department, who told him “Crime does pay right now across this country.  Criminals know that they have the green light to pretty much do what they want to do because we’re in an era where we coddle criminals instead of holding them accountable.”  He noted that many law-abiding people have “given up calling the police because they see the process as useless since many suspects are simply released on recognizance or other technicalities.”

But as this senseless chaos continues to play out in American cities and neighborhoods,  Chuck Ross at the Washington Free Beacon reports that progressive hedge fund billionaire George Soros has given another $1 million to the racial activist PAC Color of Change, which bills itself as the largest online racial justice group in the country.  Last month the group issued demands for “no more police and no more mass incarceration.”  Nobody gets arrested and nobody goes to jail.  This is racial justice?