LA Criminal Commits Multiple Crimes Under Zero Bail

A 23-year-old vagrant in the Los Angeles County community of Glendale was allowed to go on a crime spree this week thanks to the county’s zero bail policy.  Zero bail was instituted last year to somehow address the Covid-19 pandemic by releasing drug dealers and thieves without bail shortly after their arrest.  Under District Attorney George Gascon, LA County is continuing the zero bail policy.  Louis Casiano of Fox News reports that Kaelun Scharrer was first arrested Monday evening in a stolen car containing drug paraphernalia.  Six hours later he was released without bail.  Scharrer then proceeded to the American Brand Shopping Mall and stole a tip jar and fled on foot.  He was later arrested, charged with a misdemeanor and released again without bail.  He walked out of the police station and immediately stole a flatbed truck.  He was later arrested with the truck in the city of LaVerne.   This time the thief is being held in jail on $25,000 bail.  The LA County Police Chief told reporters that crimes like car theft have increased under zero bail.  Duh.  Progressives want to make zero bail permanent.