Declining to Prosecute as Crime Rises

Crime, particularly violent crime, has increased by historic levels in Los Angeles and New York City over the past two years.  As noted in many recent postings, in both cities broad daylight assaults, carjackings, robberies and murders are a routine part of daily life and often captured on video.  District Attorneys in the New York boroughs have responded by declining to prosecute thousands of criminals as reported by Bruce Golding in the New York Post.  Last year prosecutors dropped all charges for more than 6,500 suspects, an increase of just under 17% compared to 2019.  A law enforcement source told Golding that while the retirement of veteran prosecutors has contributed to the problem, District Attorneys worried about reelection in the Black Lives Matter era are simply letting suspects off.  “Throw in a bucket of woke and no one is getting prosecuted.”

The Bronx had the highest number of dropped cases, with DA Darcel Clark dumping 2,408 or 28.5% of those arrested.  Brooklyn came in second with  Eric Gonzalez declining to prosecute 2,208, just under 18%.  Retired NYPD Detective Joseph Giacalone, now a professor at John Jay College said, “There’s so many people that will lose their lives because of that….The pendulum  will swing back the other way and they’ll stop electing people who are pretending to be a district attorney in name only.”

Los Angeles is not taking a back seat to NYC.  Data compiled by the Recall Gascon campaign notes that under his uber-progressive agenda, 62 experienced deputies have quit his office.  Just this year Gascon has dropped 5,932 cases.  The declines in some cities in LA County have been alarming.  Cases dropped in Palmdale went from 18% under former DA Jackie Lacy to 59% under Gascon.  In Downey, 90% of narcotics cases were dropped.  In Santa Clarita there has been a 156% increase in dropped cases compared to last year.  With homicides, shootings, carjackings and assaults up sharply across the county it is no surprise that 26 cities have issued votes of no confidence in Gascon.