Boston BLM Leader Indicted

Monica Cannon-Grant a prominent Black Lives Matter organizer in Boston has been indicted along with her husband for skimming at least $185,000 in donations to their non-profit.  Yaron Steinbuch and Bruce Golding of the New York Post report that in 2020 Cannon-Grant was named by the Boston Globe as one of the “Bostonians of the Year,” as a BLM activist and for her non-profit Violence in Boston.   The lengthy federal indictment alleges Cannon-Grant and her husband engaged in three different fraud schemes: lying on a mortgage application, defrauding donors and illicitly collecting approximately $1 million in pandemic-related unemployment benefits.  According to Fox News, prosecutors also allege that Cannon-Grant told both the state attorney general’s office and the IRS that she took no salary from her nonprofit while paying herself $2,788 a week beginning in October 2020.   Her attorney, Robert Goldstein told reporters he is confident that she will be vindicated.