Chesa Boudin Probably Headed Out the Door

There is an active recall campaign against the radical DA of San Francisco, Chesa Boudin.  To his credit, Boudin, while running for office, didn’t make much of a secret about where his sympathies lay.  He was with the George Soros “criminals-are-victims” agenda from stem to stern.  His problem is that the reality of his tenure apparently is ringing a different bell with San Francisco voters than the high-sounding rhetoric of the campaign.  So now, according to the KRON poll, Boudin is in big, big trouble.

Here’s the story:

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – A new poll just released this morning shows a majority of San Francisco voters plan to vote to recall District Attorney Chesa Boudin next month, and are split on the job performance of Mayor London Breed as they express dismay at persistent crime and safety issues.

The big number in this poll: 57% of registered voters plan to recall Boudin, who is facing a recall attempt June 7. Less than a quarter, 22%, plan to reject the recall, and 21% are undecided.

Ooooooooops.  I do not recall a politician’s ever coming back from numbers that bad this close to an election.  Even if Boudin gets all the undecided vote, he’s still losing in a landslide.

Coming out above water in the poll is the San Francisco Police Department, which had 52% approval compared to 48% who disapprove.

Regarding the city’s biggest issues, 68% said homelessness is what they like least about living in San Francisco, 65% said they feel less safe than they did in 2019, 73% support arresting people who commit property crimes like smash-and-grabs, and 66% support forcing drug users into treatment who put others or themselves at risk.

When two-thirds of the electorate feels less safe than it did  just before you took office, and almost three-quarters disapprove of your (proudly announced) de-emphasis on prosecuting property crime, the probable results of a recall aren’t going to be in much doubt.  The only thing to regret is that so much damage had to be done before San Franciscans saw that a vacation from reality isn’t much of a vacation at all.