Runoff Likely in LA DA’s Race

Three weeks after California’s March 3rd primary election, the outcome of several races across the state remains uncertain due to the state’s multiple “election reform” laws.  Motor Voter, Jungle Primary, provisional balloting and ballot harvesting have turned the state election process into a template for incompetence, corruption and fraud, where the final vote count is not known for several weeks and its accuracy never confirmed.    With several million mail-in and provisional ballots uncounted the day after the election some contests that were not even close on March 4, may completely change weeks later.

James Queally of the Los Angeles Times reports that the race for the largest District Attorney’s office in the nation is now likely to continue until a November runoff due to tens of thousands of late ballots narrowing incumbent Jackie Lacey’s lead from nearly 51% on March 4th to below 49% this week.  Had Lacey’s vote count stayed above 50% she would have won the election, but late and provisional ballots counted in recent weeks have favored the Soros-sponsored former District Attorney of San Francisco, George Gascon, forcing a runoff.  Gascon has distinguished himself as the co-author of the ACLU and Soros-financed Proposition 47, which effectively turned the streets of San Francisco into a lawless open-air sewer filled with homeless addicts, drug dealers, thieves, gangs and an unknowable number of more serious criminals.  He also presided over the politically-correct misprosecution of José Inez García Zárate , the illegal alien who shot and killed 32-year-old Kate Steinle with a gun stolen from a police officer.   Opponents of District Attorney Lacey, who is black, include Black Lives Matter which outed her home address by staging a noisy 5:00 am protest in front of her house the day before the election.