Heritage Paper on LA DA Gascón

Charles Stimson and Zack Smith of the Heritage Foundation have prepared an extensive paper on the policies of Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón. The web version is here, and a downloadable PDF version is here. Here is the lead paragraph:

George Gascón, the Soros-backed former District Attorney of San Francisco, is now the District Attorney for Los Angeles County. He has, in mere weeks, put into place radical pro-criminal and anti-prosecution policies and is, in a twisted way, the gold standard for rogue prosecutors. The impact of his reckless and dangerous policies is just starting to be felt—and will come into full bloom in the months and years ahead.

As noted in Charles Bell’s Jan. 11 guest post, 90 days must elapse from the day Mr. Gascón took office before a recall drive can officially begin. There are 38 days remaining.

Once the signatures are gathered, the process of explaining unfamiliar issues to the same public that was duped in November begins.