Murderer on Parole Arrested for Attacking Asian Woman

An Asian American woman 65 years old, was beaten in NYC on her way to church on Monday morning (3/29). The suspect, Brandon Elliot, a 38 year-old African American man, was arrested just after midnight.  In an article this morning by Stephanie Pagones of Fox News, “Police sources told Fox News on Wednesday that Elliot has two prior arrests. In 2000, he allegedly robbed his mother in the Bronx, where he stole jewelry and allegedly choked her, according to the New York Post. Just two years later, in April of 2002, he was arrested for murdering her.” 

Pagones reports in the article that records show Elliot was in prison until November 4, 2019 when he was released on parole. By my calculations, he was incarcerated from at most from April 2002, after murdering his mother, until November of 2019, that is 17 years. It is evident that with his previous crimes, he should not have been released as a continued threat to the safety and security of the community.  Pagones also highlights some of the gruesome details of his mother’s murder, “According to authorities, when Elliot was 19, he stabbed his 42 year-old mother three times in the chest with a knife inside their Bronx home in front of his young sister. He was charged with an convicted of second-degree murder.” An individual capable of such violence is a threat to the public and should not have be released.