Older Women Stabbed at SF Bus Stop in Broad Daylight

A man attacked two older women waiting for a bus on Market Street in the heart of San Francisco in broad daylight and then casually walked away. One was in her 60s and one was in her 80s. Both are out of surgery and in the ICU as of this writing. A suspect has been arrested, described only as a San Francisco man in his 50s.

Kate Larson has this report for KGO. A witness who works at a nearby flower stand said, “I feel like we do need more officers patrolling.” The member of the Board of Supervisors who represents the district said, “We have to hold people accountable who are committing crimes like this, we have to have police in areas where people need to be safe and have them more visible.”

In other words, everything the “woke” crowd is saying is wrong, and we need an about-face in criminal justice policy. We need it right now.

We need more police, not fewer. We need communities that support their police, not attack them. We need prosecutors who will vigorously prosecute crime and seek enhanced sentences where they are appropriate.

The victims were Asian women, and that fact is getting prominent mention in the coverage. At this time, though, there is no evidence that this is a hate crime.

We do not know anything about the perpetrator at this time other than his age and residence in the city.

Marina Pitofsky has this report at The Hill with an imbedded video report by Betty Yu of KPIX.