Poll: Newsom Recall Within Margin of Error

A new poll has the vote to recall Cal. Gov. Newsom at 46-48 ± 3. The Hill has this story by Joseph Choi. The report of Emerson Polling is here.

Among potential replacements, radio talk show host Larry Elder has a double-digit lead against other actual candidates at 23%, but “someone else” is closer at 14% and “undecided” is way out in front with 40%.

The Hill also reports that Jane Fonda explored a run but decided against it. Thank God. Between California’s screwy system, the fractured conservative field, and her name recognition, she might have actually won.

There is an interesting tidbit in the racial/ethnic crosstab. If Mr. Newsom does get the boot, it will likely be Hispanic voters who deliver the kick. The “yes” vote has a 13 point lead among California Hispanics, 54-41, the only group with an actual majority in favor.

On the question of the “number one issue facing California today,” the number who said “crime” nearly doubled since mid-July, only three weeks ago, from 7% to 13%. That is not good news for a Governor whose signature issue is releasing as many thugs as he can.