The BLM Threat to Black Lives in New York City

As noted in an earlier post, a Black Lives Matter (BLM) leader in New York City has threatened riots, fire and bloodshead if Mayor-elect Eric Adams restores the police department’s 600 member Anti-Crime Unit, which was disbanded last year.  In a piece in today’s Daily Mail, Manhattan Institute scholar Heather MacDonald breaks down the impact that decision last year had on crime in the Big Apple.  The unit had for several years, removed thousands of guns from gang members on New York streets and played a critical role in controlling violent crime.  In June of 2020 after several days of BLM riots over the death of George Floyd, which ravaged the city and injured 400 officers,  Police Commissioner Dermott Shea and Mayor Bill de Blasio  “desperate to show their sympathy with the anti-cop forces” disbanded the unit.  “Though stopping and questioning suspects short of making an arrest is a constitutional power, Shea labeled such stops as `brute force.’  The fall-out from Shea’s announcement was immediate.

Shootings jumped 205% in the two subsequent weeks, from 38 incidents over that timespan in 2019 to 116 incidents in 2020.  Gunshot injuries rose 238%.  June became the most violent month in terms of gunfire in 24 years.  Police officers had gotten the message as well…. In the month following the disbanding of the Anti-Crime Unit, narcotics arrests fell by 85% city wide, gang arrests dropped 67%.  Through early December 2020, arrests were down 36%…..The year ended with a nearly 100% surge in gun violence and a 44% increase in homicides, a surge that continued well into 2021.”

How did this effect the people BLM, Shea and de Blasio claim to be protecting from racist cops?  “In 2020, blacks made up nearly 74% of all shooting victims and 65% of all murder victims, though they are less than 22% of the city’s population.  None of those victims of civilian shootings, including young children, was protested by New York Black Lives Matter.”

Compare this with the number of police shooting incidents.  “In 2019 there were 25 incidents in which NYPD officers–not just from Anti-Crime but from the entire force — intentionally shot criminal suspects. Those 25 incidents represented the second lowest number of officer-involved shootings since records were first kept nearly fifty years ago.”

If BLM is successful in bullying the new mayor to back off on his promise to resurrect the Anti-Crime Unit, it will guarantee that the body count of black shooting victims will continue to climb.  To BLM, the lives of black victims don’t matter.

2 Responses

  1. Bill Otis says:

    Brings back memories of the entry I wrote five years ago, which, oddly and depressingly, is more timely now that it was then. The ensuing conversation on that thread with Doug Berman is also more than a little interesting.

  2. Charles Andrews says:

    Given that the rise in violent crime is fairly consistent nationwide don’t you think it is difficult to attribute it to any local policy? Explanations connecting the increase to the pandemic seem far more convincing. Indeed, looking at 2020 stats most of the states at the top of the list of violent crimes are red states.