Big Disappointment in Philadelphia

In a few spots, there are some encouraging signs that Americans are starting to come out of the mass hallucination that going soft on crime is somehow going to help social problems. Philadelphia, regrettably, is not there yet. In yesterday’s primary, Democratic voters renominated pro-criminal District Attorney Larry Krasner by a 2-to-1 margin over pro-law-enforcement challenger Carlos Vega.

The Democratic primary is the election for all practical purposes. The Republican candidate got only 1/15th as many votes as the two Democrats.

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  1. Michael Santella says:

    Very discouraging indeed.

    It’s time for “vulnerable communities” to step up and do the right thing.
    Krasner swept the north and west precincts of the city- the very precincts most effected by the uncontrolled homicide epidemic that threatens to reduce a once vibrant city into a third world landscape.