Plea Bargaining Debate

The Federalist Society’s “Feddie Night Fights” feature this Friday is a debate on plea bargaining between C&C blogger Bill Otis and the Cato Institute’s Clark Neily.

Personally, I would love to see plea bargaining done away with, but I am deeply skeptical that it can actually be done. Are we going to provide the resources to take every criminal case to trial? Not likely. I will be interested in hearing what the speakers have to say.

The event will be live streamed at 8:00 pm Eastern Time, 5:00 pm on the Left Coast, and 3:00 pm Aloha Time. Advance registration is only required, at the above link, if you want participate in the Q&A.

1 Response

  1. Ed Hagen says:

    If I was a District Attorney, I would ban post-indictment plea bargains. It would get rid of the expense of scheduling cases for trial, summoning witnesses and jurors, and the post-indictment hours billed by public defenders. Gets rid of local jail crowding, too. Get the plea and sentence done early, and send them off to prison.